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What Does OOTD Mean on Instagram?

What Does OOTD Mean on Instagram?

The Internet has gone through a lot of shifts over the years that it has developed. However, like most huge trends, eventually the denizens of the Internet have found a way to create their own language. At first, it was as simple as 1337 speak which replaced a lot of letters with numbers. As it stands, the big thing is creating acronyms that are catchy and easy to use. However, this doesn’t mean these words are as simple as LoL; no, because there is now a ton of ways of describing whole sentences. Couple that with the growth of social networks, and you get some pretty deep slang that might be hard to decipher for a first timer. So, what does OOTD mean on Instagram?



This little piece of slang is a lot easier to grasp than you’d think. Simply put, it means Offer of the Day. From the phrase alone, this tag seems aimed at the users who are trying to sell something. Of course, this is also a great way to get your products out there, especially when you’re trying to get your name out through a sale.

What Does OOTD Mean on Instagram


MMAO is slang that feels like it was taken right out of the God Father. It means Make Me an Offer and it feels like your supposed to stuff a horse into a person’s bed to get your point across. However, on the Internet, offering something unique might just be a smarter idea than making them face their mortality.


If you’re not too keen on a person, but they keep hassling you into doing something, then this one might help. It simply means “Get off my Back” and should get the message through. But save this one for friends because some trolls find it very spurring when people insult them outright.


Want to complement someone for their good choices and great looks? Look no further than this little piece of slang because it means “Smart and Sexy.” Nothing beats complementing a young man or woman by mentioning how witty and pretty they can be online.


Ever find something so unbelievable or funny that it was hard to believe? Well, if you have, then this is probably the expression you’re using. “Shaking my Head laughing” is probably the simplest and most effective way of relaying exasperated thought. At the same time, it gives off an image of slight humor.


This is a classic and needs very little explanation.

What Does OOTD Mean on Instagram


This is an insult both to language and to the person you direct it to. It means ugly, but it’s shortened. However, one struggles to see the value of lessening a 4-letter word to a two-letter one, and how the word itself is degrading already.


CSA can be used as a warning and an insult if you so choose. “Cheap Shot Artist” can connote many things, but most of them seem a little negative so you should probably only use this word sparingly.

In this video are more phrases and hashtags commonly used in Instagram: