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Steve, Travel Photographer, Hong Kong

“I’ve been on Instagram for almost two years sitting at 150 Followers. Fotorise gave me a boost if 1000 Instagram Followers and now my count grows organically by 30-40 Followers everyday. Now my images get seen all around the world.”

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Cathy, Fashion Photographer, NY

“As a Fashion photography, I don’t have much time to spend growing my Instagram following. I buy 1000 Instagram Followers a month from Fotorise and it helps me maintain a steady stream of new visitors, likes and comments to my images.”

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Dave, Wedding Photographer, UK

“I bought Instagram Followers just to kickstart my account as my competitors are a couple years ahead of me in the game. In a few weeks, my account was up to 5000 Followers and now my reach grows naturally every day. “

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Why Likes Matter

Likes do matter. The more likes your Instagram photos and videos have, the more Instagram will favor your images in their search results. This means you get seen more often by more people. Buy Instagram Likes for contests, for credibility or simply to look more popular. We suggest starting with 250-500 per photo.

Who Needs Likes

Brands, businesses or personal accounts all need Instagram Likes. More Likes equals social proof. Gain more trust and respect with your body of Instagram photographs and videos with a steady incoming stream of Likes.

Likes on Videos

You can also attribute any of the packages above to your Instagram Videos. Very recently Instagram added Videos and Fotorise was the first to offer real video Likes. Gaining videos Likes is a great way to showcase your short videos and get them noticed. Tip: be sure to add hastags to your Instagram videos to help them get found with Instagram search.

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Are you an agency looking for help promoting your photographers? Are you having problems getting a grip on social media for all your talent?

Fotorise specializes in Photography marketing online.

We support photography, creative, artist, model and athlete agencies market their talent through Instagram and all other social media platforms. This added exposure directly and indirectly leads to more contracts and more revenue.

Let us help you grow, manage and monetize your agency talent through social media. We offer specialized consulting and a dedicated account managers for agencies, all sizes.

Get in touch with me directly to discuss how to get set up.


Fotorise is a leading Instagram marketing, social media and SEO company for photographers, photography businesses and creative business all around the world. Lead by a team of experts based in the UK, Hong Kong, Philippines and the US, we help photographers grow their social reach and their natural rankings on search engines. By helping photographers get more followers on Instagram, the photographer can extend their audience far beyond their current numbers. Every new Instagram follower gets exposed to the photographer’s, the brand’s or the creative’s body of work.

Fotorise also has interesting SEO packages for photographers which drives organic traffic to websites by placing blog articles across a highly targeted network of high trust photography blogs. Our SEO service is by far the most powerful way to increase rankings on keyword for targeted keywords. Please inquire directly about this service at

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We offer ongoing support after your purchase, especially through our blog. We want all of our customers to succeed in their projects and ventures and our blog gives you free advice daily on how to make the most of your Instagram accounts.

”Amazing service! Fotorisegave my Instagram account the kickstart I needed to increase my credibility and broadcast my travel images to people around the world. The service was simple, easy and the followers were delivered quickly.”

Michael Keen Michael Keen

MK Travel Photography